Why Get an ASP.NET Hosting Package?

by on January 24th, 2011

An ASP.Net hosting package is your only option if you want to have a website that is programmed in ASP.Net, which can be either Visual Basic or Visual C#. ASP.Net is a web application framework developed by Microsoft to allow web developers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services. ASP.Net web pages, known officially as “web forms”, are the main building block for application development.

A few of the benefits of ASP.Net over other programming languages are:

Performance – ASP.Net offers increased performance by running compiled code. Compiled code runs faster than non-compiled code like PHP.

Multiple Language Support – ASP.Net supports standard programming languages including Visual Basic, C# and C++.

Strict Coding Requirements – Programmers are forced to adhere to strict coding standards when writing their code. This promotes a professional approach to application development and results in code that is generally less buggy.

Higher Scalability – ASP.Net has many scalability features built into it that include maintaining session state across servers and multi-processor load balancing.

According to w3techs.com, ASP.NET is used by 20.9% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know. So if you look at all the websites on the Internet where we know what programming language they use, 20.9% or roughly one fifth of them are powered by ASP.Net. A few of the most popular sites that run either Visual Basic.Net or C#.Net are:

  • Msn.com
  • Microsoft.com
  • Conduit.com
  • Cnn.com
  • Nytimes.com
  • Weather.com
  • Bankofamerica.com

There are a plethora of free ASP.Net training options online if you are new to, or are interested in learning more about ASP.Net. A good place to start is the ASP.NET tutorial at w3schools. If you need video tutorials you can search youtube for “asp.net training” or “asp tutorials” and quickly find a nice video tutorial series.

Our favorite ASP hosting company is Easy CGI. Easy CGI is consistently ranked among the top ten web hosting providers worldwide and they have demonstrated their ability to provide reliable and advanced hosting services.

There are great hosting companies that provide top notch ASP.Net hosting packages for you to choose from. Shop around and you’ll be able to find the best one to fit your needs. Our page dedicated to ASP.Net hosting plans allows you to compare the top hosting packages by cost and features.

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