What is a VPS Hosting Account and What are the Benefits?

by on October 15th, 2012

VPS serversA VPS hosting package offers a host of benefits when compared to shared hosting. A VPS hosting account is more cost effective than a dedicate server and it’s just as fast as a traditional server, and in some cases it can be faster. A VPS hosting package is reliable and the hosting account is easily upgraded with just a few clicks.

What Is It?

A VPS hosting plan is a Virtual Private Server hosting account. These accounts can be hosted in two ways: on a large server with partitions, or hosted on multiple servers in the “cloud.”

These days VPS accounts are more likely to be hosted in a “cloud’ environment rather than on a single server. This is because it’s much more efficient to draw hosting resources from more than one computer. It also creates redundancy which means the account and website are less likely to experience downtime.


A VPS hosting account is very affordable in comparison to purchasing the use of a dedicated server. VPS hosting accounts range from $30 a month to $150 a month depending on the package and hosting company. Renting a dedicated server costs between $100 a month and $300 a month. There are also discounts available for companies and individuals willing to purchase multiple months and years upfront.

Hosting companies often have sales like the current one for the InMotion Hosting VPS package.

Speed And Assets

VPS hosting accounts are just as fast as dedicated servers and contain nearly the same benefits. VPS account holders can choose their favorite operating system, RAM amount, hard drive space and bandwidth allotment. Most hosting companies offer Windows and Linux operating systems, a minimum of one gigabyte of RAM, 40 gigabytes of storage space and 1,000 gigabytes a month of bandwidth. For companies and individuals that need more space and bandwidth, larger plans are often available.


VPS hosting accounts are as reliable or more reliable than dedicated hosting. That’s because VPS accounts often have the ability to pull resources from more than one machine. This means the site has the potential to run faster than if it were on its own machine, and the website is less likely to encounter problems due to high traffic volumes. Though, exceptionally high traffic can lead to faster consumption of the monthly bandwidth allotment.


VPS accounts are easily upgradable. From the hosting account control panel, users can click buttons or radial boxes to instantly upgrade their accounts. This is particularly useful if a website grows faster than anticipated or uses more monthly bandwidth than anticipated.

Admin Control

Account holders also enjoy full account control. They receive admin privileges for their account and can upload, download and upgrade the site at their convenience. There’s no need to go through a hosting company administrator to get the site upgraded and installed. Everything can be done through the account.


VPS accounts are a great alternative to dedicated server hosting accounts. They offer all the benefits of a dedicated server but without the dedicated server cost. They’re great for start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses and individuals.


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