Factors to Look at when You Compare Web Hosting Services

by on October 30th, 2012

When you compare web hosting services, your main aim should be to determine a service provider with guaranteed results and the most reasonable price. With the increasing number of web hosts, choosing the right one can be a hard task. As a business owner, you will need to examine some factors and determine what is essential based on your company’s needs.

The first step is to decide what type of web hosting your business needs. There are four main types of hosting and a company can choose based on its size and available resources. The four types include shared, dedicated, VPS and cloud hosting. The shared option is where one server provides the services to a hundreds of clients and their websites. As the name suggests, the resources are shared and the monthly cost is relatively low. VPS sharing is more like shared but the server has been partitioned so only a small number of clients have sites on the server and the server acts similar to a dedicated server. Dedicated are mostly used by large businesses that have a huge turnover and is whereby one server serves one website. Cloud hosting means that the files on your site are spread out among many servers.  This allows several servers to network together in the cloud and act as one system to share files and resources.  This is a very reliable method of hosting since one server going down won’t crash your website.  With the current Internet and website outages being caused right now by Hurricane Sandy, it is apparent how important cloud hosting is and how popular it will become.

Small businesses are advised to start up with the shared hosting and then progress to the other two once the websites are well established.

Another factor to consider when you compare web hosting is the storage space. This may be limited or unlimited based on the company and the cost of the whole package. The price increases with the size of the storage space thus a comparison will help the company determine which host plan offers the much it needs at the lowest price. Thus, it is important to first assess the space you need and then choose a storage space that is not too big or too little. If you settle on a bigger one you will end up paying for space you do not use whereas if you get a smaller one you business will have a shortage, which can cause inconveniences.

The customer support services should also be considered since they are very essential. These will vary depending on the hosting firm and thus it is important to compare and choose one you are comfortable with. You should look at communication channels that you can use, the duration taken for the support staff to respond, time of the day or night when online and the price if any.

Once you are satisfied with all the hosting features the hosting companies are offering, the last thing to look at should be the price. Some companies will give you a free trial for a few days after which you can buy the package if you are satisfied with the trial. Evaluation will help choose one with all the necessary features and the lowest price. The price should be considered together with the money back guarantee. There should be a provision for you to get your money back if the company fails to deliver the desired results as planned.

Proper comparison should be done when selecting web hosting services so as to get a considerable number of visitors to the site. Do not overlook any feature when doing the comparison as it may be the main thing that holds the key to your business success.

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